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Range of Services:

We handle:


Lumbaric glands (pain in the lumbar spine)



Cevicoalgia (pain in the cervical spine)

         "Tortis Collis" (stiff neck)

Disc herniations

Arthrosis of the spine

Osteoarthritis of the large and small joints

Inflammation of the tendons, tendon sheaths, and tendon attachments

        "Tennis elbow"

Mucus infections (bursitis)

Pain and inflammation of muscles and nerves

Deformities of the skeleton (scoliosis, leg shortening, X-legs, O-legs)

Foot positions (flat feet, spreading feet, hallux valgus)

Sports injuries



Rheumatic diseases



Our therapies:




          Conservative treatments:


                                        Stabilizing and redressing dressings

                                        Orthosis treatment

                                        Supply of orthopedic (shoe) insoles


          Interventional pain therapy:


                                         Invasive Pain Therapy

                                         (Infiltration spray therapy, Infusions)

                                         Facet blockages (infiltration of the vertebral joints)

                                         Sacral anesthesia

                                         Nerve blockages

                                         Local anesthesia


      Preventive (protective) osteoarthritis treatment:


                      By means of hyaluronic acid ( injection)

                      By means of chondroprotectiva (oral)




         Alternative treatment methods:



                                        (Transcutaneous pain analgesia)











Ultrasound diagnosis: the joints and soft parts

Podometry (measurement of feet)

Laser measurement of the body axes:

                                   In the case of spinal curvature (scoliosis)

                                   Differences in length (pelvic slant)

                                   Legaxes (O-legs, X-legs)

Laboratory diagnostics: rheumatism, gout

Evaluation (analysis, analysis) of: RX, CT, IRM



Other services:


Driving license certificate






Please bring the insurance card


Minors only accompanied by an adult


We also handle acute emergencies without appointment

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